creative services

creative services

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Marie’s creative background

working as a creative director for cirque du soleil & assisting creatives as a creative associate for various productions...

Marie began working as a Creative Director for Cirque Du Soleil for events such as Viva Elvis, Iris/One Drop L.A., Zarkana, Michael Jackson’s ONE, and most recently for the Monte-Carlo Summer Festival. Before Marie was helping assist with the creatives, she performed and was the captain of the troupe for the Cirque Du Soleil “LIGHT” show. Now, she is one of Cirque Du Soleil creative consultants, and most recently was the creative associate to the director for the show “One Night for One Drop” which raised 6.5 million dollars for sub-saharan countries facing critical water issues.


creative designer

Marie has a passion for sharing her creativity with audiences, classes, and her students. She has worked in the creative industry for so long and knows her experiences have built a strong foundation to serve as the base of her brand. From being the creative director for Cirque Du Soleil to learning how to incorporate dance into her yoga practices, Marie uses her a maj method and lifestyle to inspire people incorporate movement into their day-to-day routines.